Monday, December 15, 2014

Bot 2015 100% de travail Télécharger Gratuit

Salut les amis, je suis de retour avec un autre bot travail qui est entièrement fonctionnel. Récemment, nous avons partagé un bot différent qui fonctionne toujours comme un charme. Mais certains comment Si vous êtes confrontés à un problème avec ce bot essai utilisant la nouvelle liste des procurations, le télécharger à partir du lien ci-dessous. Si encore il n'y a aucun problème, essayez ce bot. Si vous êtes nouveau visiteur de notre site puis utilisez gentiment ce bot.

 Ce bot est un peu différente, car elle rend lien dans un navigateur iframe en direct que vous pouvez voir dans l'image ci-dessus

Télécharger bot 2015 gratuitement

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Saturday, November 29, 2014

New Auto Clicker for 2015 100% Working Free Download

Here is another bot which is also working without any issue. Recently we shared a different bot which is still working like a charm. But some how If you are facing any problem with that bot try using new proxies list, download it from below link. If still there is any problem try this bot. If you are new visitor to our site then kindly use this bot.

This bot is better than previous bot because it saves your bandwidth. However it is very easy to use this bot, lets see how to use this Bot

Steps To Use Auto Clicker 2015

●Download the new auto clicker and proxies.
●Run auto clicker.
●Select enable proxies.
●Now load the download proxies.
●Now right click on blank space/header of bot and select enter link.
●Finally right click and select start, your links will be clicked automatically.
●Now minimize the bot and let it do its work!

Download Auto Clicker 2015[Server 2]

Download Fresh Proxies

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Thursday, June 13, 2013 bot 2014 - 100% Working

We are back with new and amazing hack, amazing because It has been tested by some of our users and it is working like a charm. This is latest bot for which you can use for easy earning from links. We are sharing this because it will help users to earn easily. bot 2013 - 100% Working

It is very easy to use this bot just but still have a look on how to use bot 2013.

How To Use Bot 2014

Download bot & Proxies from link provied at the end of the post
Run adf.lybot.exe file
Load the proxies which you have downloaded
Enter your link in url box.
Now Click Start your links will be clicked Automatically. [See above image]
Done! Enjoy Earning!!!

Download Links For Bot And Proxies

Download Bot

Download 3k+ Proxies

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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Earn Free $$ From - Easy Hack

Dear Visitors here is very simple and working method to hack Using this hack you can easily earn few dollars. This hack can be used only in Mozilla Firefox. Because this trick is based two very simple addons which are currently availabe for mozilla only. By using this addons you can earn from by doing almost nothing.

Earn $30/day From - Easy Hack

Before jumping on steps lets have look on the two addons which you have to use and what they are generally used for.

Addons To Use For Hack

ipFlood - ipFlood generates random IP according to the settings you define and uses them to fake the use of a proxy. It will allow you to be fully anonymous. It will change you ip everytime you refresh.

Auto refresh - Auto Refresh will refresh or hard refresh any tab or group of tabs at individual or group intervals.

Steps To Use Easy Hack

●First download the addons from below mentioned links
Download ipFlood
Download Auto refresh
●Now after downloading the addons restart your firefox
●Open any of your links, after then right click and select auto refresh >every 10 seconds.
●According to your Internet connection speed you can do this in 4-6 tabs simultaneously and leave it for few hours. [More tab + More hours = More money]
●After doing these steps go have a cup coffee an let these addons do their work for you.
●Enjoy using this simple hack!

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